Shenzhen Chengsuchuang Technology Co., Ltd.
Золотой поставщик
Золотой поставщик — это премиальное членство для поставщиков на Участникам предоставляют обширный комплекс способов продвижения товаров, максимизации воздействия товаров и увеличения рентабельности инвестиций.
Shenzhen Chengsuchuang Technology Co., Ltd.
Guangdong, China


Development Kits
Electronic Components
Development Kits
Consumer Electronics

Our Advantage

Manufacturing Ability
Experienced teams are able to do PCB Design and PCB Assemble provided,especially focus on wireless fields,module fields,communication fields,Industrial fields for many years.
Raw Material Quality Warranty
More than 10 years sourcing and inspection experienced to all kinds of Integrated Ciurcuits,Diodes,Transistor,Capacitors.Quality Guaranteed.
Professtional Equipment
We know it is important to provide competitive items to our partner,therefore,we buy professtional equipment to provide the mass production ability.

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